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HD Vision Glasses is a useful accessory that will make your vision better and clearer. The product reduces eye irritation from UV rays and other factors such as flashlights and headlights. Motorists will appreciate the anti-glare model: oncoming cars will no longer dazzle their eyes with bright light, driving will become much safer. For those who have vision problems and already wear glasses with diopters, the development is also suitable - the accessory can be worn over the usual lenses.

The novelty will amaze you with comfort in all weather conditions. The successful design of the product contributes to pleasant wearing: the glasses sit well on the face, do not slip off, improve the quality of vision.

The advantages of HD Vision glasses

  • You see much better;
  • Great for any weather;
  • Can be worn with prescription glasses;
  • A real find for drivers who want to see clearly oncoming traffic;
  • Sit securely and comfortably on the face.
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Car interior heater from the cigarette lighter Auto Heater Fan is an indispensable thing in the harsh Russian climate. It is able to quickly warm up the car inside in the winter after starting the engine, get rid of icy windows and cold air if the regular stove cannot cope with this. The device is placed anywhere, including near the rear passenger seats and the rear window thanks to the universal mount.

The heater generates warm directional air flow spreading throughout the cabin, i.e., according to the principle of operation, it is a fan with a heating function. The device is protected from fire by the protection provided by the design.

Technical characteristics:
  • Heat air directed
  • < span>Compact, easy-to-install design
  • Cigarette-powered
  • With overtemperature protection
  • Adjustable tilt and swivel
  • Heating fanSpecifications
  • Material: plastic
  • Adjust airflow direction:
  • - vertical ±45°< /span>
  • - horizontally ±360°
  • Maximum air heating temperature in the car: 125°C (the air cools when moving away from the heating element)
  • Consumption current: 12A
  • Max power : 150 W li>
  • Size: 13cmx11cmx7cm
  • Length cord: 1.5m >
What's Included
  • Fan with cord
  • < span>Stand
  • Adhesive tape
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  • Type: autoscanner
  • Power: Bluetooth, USB
  • Material: plastic
  • Length: 8 cm
  • Width: 4.5 cm
  • Height: 2.5 cm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi; 9 OBD2 protocols

See how it works:

< /b>

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  • Type: car pump; 
  • Feature: rechargeable; 
  • Power : up to 60 W; 
  • Digital display: two-screen available; 
  • Pressure units: PSI, BAR, KG / CM2; 
  • Working temperature: -10 °C to 60 °C; 
  • Battery: Li-ion; 
  • Battery capacity: 6000 mAh; 
  • Charging method: Tipe-C; 
  • Air hose length: up to 15 cm; 
  • Case material: ABS plastic; 
  • Color : black; 
  • Box dimensions: 20x10x10 cm; 
  • Package weight: 0.7 kg.

Contents: battery compressor, air hose, set of needles, USB charging cable, storage bag, instructions.

Packing: original box.

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  • CR2032 battery
  • Material - plastic, electronic parts
  • Colors - green, white, pink, black
  • Device size 5 x 3.6 x 0.5 cm
  • < span>Package size 5 x 5 x 1 cm
  • Device weight 50 grams
  • Maximum communication range via Bluetooth: 50 meters

See how it works:

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The Clear View anti-glare visor is necessary in every car as a protection against sun glare and blinding oncoming headlights, to improve visibility in adverse weather conditions, relieve eye strain, and ensure road safety.< /span>

When using the accessory, bright aggressive light becomes softer, does not cause discomfort, does not reduce visibility, does not interfere with driving, creates a clear picture in front of the driver's eyes. The anti-glare visor is easy to install, maintain, operate, has a compact ergonomic appearance, has a large margin of safety, and is universal for use in any car. The position of the filters can be easily changed.

Characteristics:< /span>

  • Visor Material: Acrylic  pmma
  • Clip material: ABS plastic
  • Visor size: 30x13 cm
  • Packing: cardboard box
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Manufacturer: factory China

< /p>

See how it works:


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The Multi Purpose Pillows of the Car massager is a device for massaging the whole body at home, at work, in the car. The product is ergonomic, stylish design, ease of use, safety. The device automatically turns off after 20 minutes of operation.

Massage rollers in combination with infrared heating qualitatively imitate manual massage:

* warm up muscles;

* enhance lymph flow, blood circulation;

* relax;

* tone up;

* relieve nervous tension.

This is a real find and a great gift for people who spend a lot of time driving or working at a computer.

  • Auto power off: after 20 minutes of operation
  • Power: 24 W
  • Weight: 1.414 kg.
  • Package: carton
  • Pack size : 32 cm, 20 cm, 12 cm ul>
    Complete set:
    • massage pillow;
    • adapter for power supply from car cigarette lighter;
    • network adapter.

    An adapter for an outlet is purchased separately. (estimated cost - 20-25 rubles)


< p> How does a massager work? Watch the video: 

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The Digital Breath Alcohol Tester is a personal breathalyzer for car owners who care about their safety while on the road. A simple and reliable device to use will not allow you to drive with excess alcohol in your blood, even if everything feels fine.

< span>The degree of intoxication can be determined in 30 seconds. The breathalyzer is suitable both for individual control and for the purpose of checking:

* fleet drivers on the eve of departure;

* enterprise employees;

* teenagers;

* traffic police testimony;

* guest intoxication at a party.

Information about the alcohol content is displayed in ppm on the LCD display.

  • Indication accuracy 99, 9%
  • Measuring range 0 – 1.90 ppm
  • Convenient LCD display
  • AAA battery powered


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Radar Detector 360 will tell you about the presence of police radars on the way and add comfort to the driver when driving. The device operates in all ranges, detects laser systems that jam signal reception. The advantages of the model include:

* filters that prevent false positives;

* alerts (tone, voice);

* sound setting;

* adjustable display brightness;< /span>

* view 360 degrees;

* operating temperature range from –40°С to +50°С;

* nice laconic design;

* simple menu;


* long service life;

* available cost.

Status Information charging, operating ranges, etc. is displayed on a small convenient LED display. With regular updates, the device detects speed control devices with a minimum number of false positives.

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Bluetooth ELM 327 autoscanner is a device for diagnosing car electronic problems and identifying possible engine problems. Thanks to it, it is possible to monitor the status of sensors and interaction nodes with the control unit (ECU) and the on-board computer. The work is done using a PC or smartphone - the received data is displayed on the screen.

Self-scanning has been very popular in recent years. The main reason for the demand for autoscanners is the reduction in vehicle maintenance costs. Such a service in a car service costs about 500-8000 rubles, so the device pays off very quickly - in just 3-4 visits to the service station.

with almost all brands of American and American cars.

This can be the following data:< /span>

  • Fuel balancing;
  • < span>Fuel consumption, km/l;
  • Mass air consumption;< /span>
  • Throttle position;
  • Fuel system status and fuel consumption indicator;
  • Movement speed;
  • Travel time from the start of movement or from the moment the motor was started;< /span>
  • Emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
  • Acceleration sensor;
  • Intake air temperature;
  • span>
  • Emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • Calculated load value;
  • Other parameters, depending on the individual choice when setting up the autoscanner.

? See how it works:

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