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Mai Appearance LED Ring Light with Mirror will help you create make-up, stream, video chat, record videos, do reviews, take pictures, read books and more. etc. This is an indispensable accessory for makeup artists, bloggers and anyone who likes to communicate with the audience live.

Mai Appearance is powered via a USB cable from any source. Outdoors, the device can be connected to an external portable battery. The ring lamp will free your hands and allow you to set the perfect light for your purposes. It creates uniform illumination without flickering effect and therefore does not strain the eyes. To select the optimal brightness, a smooth adjustment is provided. There are three light modes: warm (2800K), natural (4500K) and 6000K (white).

The LED ring lamp is suitable for:

  • Stylists and make-up artists
  • Masters of manicure and pedicure
  • Leshmasters
  • Masters tattoos
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Photographers and videographers.


  • Diameter: 17 cm
  • Size: 172*172*70 mm
  • Height: 30 to 58 cm
  • < li>Dim range: 10%-100%
  • Color temperature: 3500-6000K
  • Number of LEDs: 64pcs
  • Power supply: USB
  • Power supply: DC5V, 6-12W
  • Main material: aluminum alloy and ABS

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Stylish Slim'n Lift Caresse Jeans will make any figure noticeably slimmer. The high waist lifts and corrects the lower body area, supports the stomach, hides flaws. Lightweight, form-fitting, breathable and comfortable to the touch, the Slimflex fabric they are made of makes them versatile clothing for home, work and sports. The trousers look like jeans, but are actually soft, stretchy leggings.

The model is available in three versions: blue, blue "washed", gray . There are no buttons, uncomfortable zippers, hard inserts in the design. Heavy fittings are replaced by imitation. Slim'n Lift Caresse Jeans are very practical to use, easy to machine wash at t +30C.
One size, universal, approximately ML

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The Cyber Sonic hearing aid is a device necessary for people with hearing loss. The unique device solves problems without increasing the volume of the TV and asking the interlocutor to speak louder. Thanks to this device, you will be able to independently adjust the sound of the surrounding world.

The device compensates for hearing loss up to 50 dB, upon purchase it does not require the obligatory presence of the patient. This is one of the most affordable and simple audio amplifiers, almost imperceptible to use due to its low weight (30g), lack of wires and

adjustable power . The device is intended for persons of any age, especially for the elderly. The kit includes 3 additional seals, 3 batteries.

Package contents:< /span>
  • Hearing Aid 
  • < span>Ear plugs - 3 pcs
  • LR44 battery - 3 pcs
  • Case
  • Powered by: Batteries; 
  • Hearing aid type: Behind the ear; 
  • Hearing aid frequency: 4500 Hz 
  • Maximum sound: 135 dB. +-5dB.

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Pull Out a Vacuum Apparatus massage cups (12 pcs.) with a pump are a convenient device for wellness procedures. Their therapeutic effect is based on enhancing blood supply and improving the metabolism of the skin and subcutaneous integuments, removing blood stasis, stimulating the immune system, relieving swelling, inflammation, and pain.

Vacuum jars are recommended for physiotherapy at home with various diseases, such as:

  • * lumbago;
  • * osteochondrosis;
  • * rheumatoid arthritis;
  • * insomnia;
  • * hypertension;
  • * bronchial asthma;
  • * migraines and more. etc.

They are also widely used for cosmetic purposes, for example, for cellulite massage. An important advantage of such jars compared to glass jars is the absence of the need to use fire, which makes the use safe and comfortable. According to the instructions, before the procedure, it is necessary to lubricate the area to be treated with massage oil, cream or petroleum jelly, remove air from each can with a gun and press it tightly against the body. Repeat the procedure for 10 to 15 minutes once a day until the pain subsides completely.

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The Tractors for cervical spine neck massager is indispensable for people who spend most of their time at their desks or driving vehicles. A long static posture negatively affects health: shoulders become numb, tension appears in the neck and throughout the spine, headaches occur, and poor posture develops.

A special massager will relieve tension from the spine, strengthen the back muscles, relieve signs of general fatigue, and prevent the occurrence of osteochondrosis. After using for a month, a habit is developed to keep your back straight, not to slouch. span>The collar is inflated with a hand pump with a valve. You can adjust the pressure yourself. Soft hypoallergenic material and reliable Velcro fasteners make using the massager very comfortable. Due to its light weight and compact size, no need for recharging and replaceable batteries, the collar is convenient to take with you on trips.

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Cervical Massage Shawls will help your back relax after a hard day, improve blood circulation and relieve spasms, muscle tension, increase immunity and overall well-being of the body. It works on the shock-cam principle, is compact, does not cause trouble in use. It is enough to place the massager on the neck, lower back, back, buttocks and use it at home or in the office.

Using the control panel included in the kit, you can change the massage modes and intensity. The automatic timer will allow you to go about your business and warn you when the device is removed in time.

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The Discovery Massage neck massager can be used to massage not only the cervico-shoulder region, but also the lower back, back, and calf muscles. The compact size allows you to use the device both at home and at the workplace. 

There are several modes of operation with adjustable intensity on the control panel. Heat therapy will help improve blood circulation, lymph flow, and normalize subcutaneous metabolism. To relieve spasms and tension, a drum massage mode is suitable. A warming and soothing effect on the deep layers of the muscles will be provided by the painless impact function.

Ergonomic device, taking into account the anatomical structure of the body, is covered with soft skin, pleasant to the touch. The auto timer is set to 8 minutes.


  • Frame material - CFRP
  • product size - 380x180x130 mm
  • Country of origin - China

Package contents:

  • Universal body massager
  • Power adapter 
  • Power adapter from car 
  • Instruction
  • Box

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Neck Massager KL 5880 is recommended for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor. Regular use of the device will prevent muscle spasms, make the skin firmer and more elastic, and slow down the aging process. The ergonomic device is equipped with special spherical massage elements that allow you to get healing and rejuvenating salon-level procedures at home.

Due to its lightness, compactness and ease of use, the massager can be used at home and in the office, in the car and in the country. The device is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender and age.


  • Case material - Plastic
  • Product size - 160x140x60 mm
  • Country of origin???????- China

  • Included:

    • 1 x massager
    • 2 x electrode patch
    • 1 x cable
    • 1 x user manual

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The Back Pain Orthopedic Corset helps correct posture by providing gentle support to the shoulders and back. Easily adjustable, comfortable to wear model:

    • maintains the natural position of the spine by adjusting the spread of the shoulders, fixing both the lumbar and thoracic regions back;
    • forms the habit of maintaining a correct posture;
    • simulates the anatomically correct curves of the spinal column;
    • reduces the load on the spinal muscles.

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    Orthopedic posture corrector Posture Corrector NIUS is an original invention that helps to eliminate minor disorders in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and serves as a prevention of scoliosis in adolescents, posture correction in women and men. < /div>

    The device supports the spine in an even and correct position, due to which tension is eliminated, stoop and asymmetry disappear, and the muscles of the shoulder girdle are strengthened. Posture is improved by tightening the loop-shaped stretch straps. The loops are worn on the shoulder, the free ends wrap around the body, securely fastened to each other with Velcro.

    The product can be discreetly worn under clothing, it is made of neoprene, a breathable hypoallergenic material.

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    Zip Sox Compression Stockings with Zippermassage your feet as you walk. Recommended for use in varicose veins, emerging sensations of fatigue of the lower extremities. Anatomic knitwear facilitates the ability of blood to move up to the heart, has high strength and elasticity. The special structure of the fabric allows you to reduce swelling, tension and pain. The model is great for everyday use by women and men.

    Flesh color gives the product aesthetics, stockings are not conspicuous and invisible under clothing. The open toe does not squeeze the fingers, allows the skin to breathe. The zipper can be located on either side of the lower leg.

    Composition: 92% - nylon, 8% - Spandex.

    Size: S/M:

    • heel height: 30-36 cm;
    • calf circumference: up to 42 cm.

    Size: L/XL:

    • height from heel: 34-43 cm ;
    • calf circumference: up to 48 cm.
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    Pull Out a Vacuum Apparatus massage jars 6 pcs is a great alternative to outdated glass counterparts. Their indisputable advantage is the absence of the need to use fire, which makes the procedure safer and more comfortable.

    circulate, thereby improving metabolic processes, relieving swelling and inflammation. They are indicated for insomnia, as they have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, as well as for hypertension, osteochondrosis, and migraine. Widely used for cosmetic purposes, in particular for anti-cellulite massage.

    How to use cups? p>

    According to the instructions that come with Pull Out a Vacuum Apparatus, apply massage oil to the area to be treated before the procedure. Using a pistol, remove excess air from the jar, press it firmly against the skin. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.

    See how it works:

    < /span>

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    In the struggle for a beautiful and healthy body, the Relax and Tone massager (Relax and Tone) will become a faithful ally, whose high-frequency vibrations have a beneficial effect on muscle tissue and the surface of the skin, toning them. The device promotes the breakdown of fat cells, helping those who want to get rid of excess weight get closer to the desired result.

    Regular use allows you to normalize blood circulation, stretch muscle groups suffering from a lack of targeted movement, and relax.

    If there is no time to work out in the gym, this will be the best solution to the problem. The impact of vibrations during a massage session causes muscle fibers to contract much more intensely than during a set of physical exercises. Applying Relax and Tone in accordance with the instructions, you can eliminate pain in a tired neck and back. Studies have shown that relief in this case comes very quickly.

    Nozzles are provided for the massager:< /div>
        • protective;
        • with embossed and smooth surface;
        • designed to treat the skin on the feet.

    The device has a number of advantages compared to analogues:
        • allows you to independently adjust the speed;
        • is lightweight;
        • equipped with a comfortable handle;
        • takes up a small area during storage and transportation.

    What comes with it:

    • Nozzle - protective
    • Foot polishing cap
    • Ball cap
    • Flat cap
    • Wave cap
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    The Elektronisk Massagepude massage cushion with 16 rollers is designed for effective kneading of different parts of the body. Ergonomic rollers describe circular motions, simulating an active massage effect by the hands of a massage therapist.

    Due to its compact size, it is convenient to take the pillow with you on trips, use it in the car and other places when your shoulders are numb and your neck starts to ache. Elektronisk Massagepude will help eliminate fatigue, reduce tension, relieve muscle pain. A wide and tight elastic band ensures a secure attachment of the massager to the headrest of the car seat. 

    The kit includes a power cord for connecting to a car cigarette lighter. For use at home, a network unit is provided. With the help of four adjustment buttons, the speed and direction of rotation of the rollers are changed, heating is turned on, during which the massage elements begin to glow.

    It is recommended to wash the removable cover as it gets dirty. To do this, open the zipper sewn on the opposite side. During the operation of the massager, the lightning does not touch the human skin, excluding the possibility of injury.

    • massage pillow;
    • car cigarette lighter adapter;
    • network adapter.

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    100% quality guarantee
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