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The 115 in 1 Precision Tool Kitcontains everything you need to perform a variety of maintenance and repair tasks. With it, you can repair smartphones, home appliances, electronic toys, watches, assemble and disassemble furniture.

The kit is in a double-sided plastic case that provides convenient storage and transportation. Precision bits and bits are sorted by size. In order to make it convenient to get them, special tweezers are provided. Products made of chrome vanadium are not subject to corrosion and oxidation, and do not wear out for a long time.

The kit includes a telescopic screwdriver with a thick rubber handle and a flexible nozzle for tightening bolts in awkward places. There is also a nozzle inserted into the screwdriver perpendicularly. With it, you can quickly and easily tighten long self-tapping screws and screws.

Product characteristics:

  • 8 in 1 screwdriver holder; 
  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers

Add. screwdriver options: screwdriver set; repair kit for tablets, phones, laptops; Smartphone repair tool kit

  • Screwdriver - 1; 
  • Screwdriver - 1 pc.
  • Nozzles - 32 pcs 
  • Screwdriver - 1 pc 
  • Bits - 36 pcs 
  • Screwdriver - handle for bits; 
  • Screwdriver SL4x0.8x100mm, SL5.5x1x100mm, SL6.5x1.2x150mm, PH0x75mm, PH1x100mm, PH2x150mm - 6pcs; 
  • Screwdriver (large and small); 
  • SCREWDRIVER FOR Slotted screws; 
  • Screwdriver - 2 pcs ( cross and flat)
  • General characteristics:

    • Number of items per package: 117 items
    • Weight with packaging: 0.2 kg
    • Package height: 23mm
    • Package width: 12mm
    • Package depth: 3 
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    100% quality guarantee
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    14 days for return
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