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Sani Sticks drainpipe cleaning sticks are launched into the drain of a shower cabin, sink, bathtub, after which you can forget about problems for a long time. The unique preparation of a new generation dissolves food residues, wool, hair, fatty plugs without damaging the enamel, pipes and siphon, without affecting the functions of the waste grinder. The concentrate included in the sticks consists of enzymes and enzymes that begin to act instantly when they enter the aquatic environment.

* quick and easy removal of organic blockages, lime deposits;

* safe composition;

* ease of use;

* prevention of repeated clogging;

* pleasant unobtrusive smell emanating from the drain;

* higher efficiency compared to powders and solutions;

* economy (the set consists of 12 pieces and is designed for a whole year).

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The Footwear Dryer is useful in the rainy off-season and cold winters, when dampness causes various unpleasant situations. It will also help you clean up wet gloves without much effort.

The electric dryer is designed for natural and artificial materials. Suitable for any type of footwear: sneakers, skates, shoes, ski boots, children's, etc. It does not require drying after washing or rain on the radiator, stuffing shoes with newspapers.

The device not only dries, but also disinfects, killing odor-causing bacteria. Just put it on a flat surface, press the power button, open the brackets, place gloves or a pair of shoes on them, plug the plug into a 220V socket. A timer will help you set the drying time. After the end of the work, the timer knob will return to its original position automatically.

Item Type: Shoe Dryer< br> Material: High strength, high temperature general plastic
Rated voltage: 110V (US regulations) / 220V (European regulations)
Rated power: 200 W
Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)
Temperature range: 35-42 ?
Power cord length: 150 cm
Function: ozone function
Timing Duration: 1-99 minutes
Size: 28 * 16 * 9.5cm
Weight: 889 g
Black color

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Tobi handheld garment steamer has four functions: steaming, cleaning, ironing, disinfection. Compact, lightweight steam iron with automatic temperature control will help out at home, on a business trip, on vacation. It copes well with ironing any home textiles and clothes, it is convenient for steaming curtains and tulle in a horizontal or vertical position. become neat and clean as after dry cleaning. Due to the high temperature, dust mites and harmful microbes are steamed, which is especially important for the safety of using toys, upholstered furniture, blankets and pillows.

< b>TOBI specifications:
  • Power supply: 220-110 V. 
  • Power: 800 W. 
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz. 
  • Cord length 1.2 m. 
  • Material: plastic. 
  • Color: white.  ;
  • Water tank color: blue
  • Weight: 900 gr. 

Included items:
  • Steam brush, 
  • 1 attachment 
  • Water measuring cup, < /li>
  • Bar cleaner, 
  • Instructions
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Protective covers for shoes from rain and dirt are distinguished by a unique design and high quality workmanship. The range is represented by models of different colors with a pattern, short and tall, transparent and non-transparent. The product has a good waterproof effect, light weight, non-slip soles.

Special development in unisex style will help keep beautiful expensive shoes clean and dry from rain and dirt, protect boots, sneakers, shoes and any other shoes in bad weather , which does not have a sharp heel (so as not to pierce the lower part of the cover).

Manufactured material: wear-resistant PVC. Covers are presented in various colors.


  • Name: shoe covers, shoe covers, shoe protection against dirt and rain.
  • Gender: unisex
  • Material: PVC, hardwearing.
  • < b>Color: blue, pink, white.
  • Size: as shown in the picture.
  • Comes with bag.< /b>
  • Many colors and sizes.
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  • Rug size: 70*46 cm.
  • Weight:1025 gr
  • Type: door
  • Functions: traps dust, dirt, moisture

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The MaYuan DA1000 Portable Ultrasonic Cleanerhelps you gently remove dirt from jewelry and other items. The method of operation of the device is based on the penetration of ultrasound through a cup filled with liquid. The resulting small bubbles easily pass into the most inaccessible places of the processed objects, providing 360-degree cleaning.

The compact cleaning machine comes into working condition by pressing one button. Rubberized feet provide stability and vibration-free operation. Powered by two AAA batteries (sold separately).


    < li>Destination:  Ultrasonic eyeglass and jewelry cleaner
  • Charging: USB
  • Logistics weight: 0.186

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100% quality guarantee
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