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Mai Appearance LED Ring Light with Mirror will help you create make-up, stream, video chat, record videos, do reviews, take pictures, read books and more. etc. This is an indispensable accessory for makeup artists, bloggers and anyone who likes to communicate with the audience live.

Mai Appearance is powered via a USB cable from any source. Outdoors, the device can be connected to an external portable battery. The ring lamp will free your hands and allow you to set the perfect light for your purposes. It creates uniform illumination without flickering effect and therefore does not strain the eyes. To select the optimal brightness, a smooth adjustment is provided. There are three light modes: warm (2800K), natural (4500K) and 6000K (white).

The LED ring lamp is suitable for:

  • Stylists and make-up artists
  • Masters of manicure and pedicure
  • Leshmasters
  • Masters tattoos
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Photographers and videographers.


  • Diameter: 17 cm
  • Size: 172*172*70 mm
  • Height: 30 to 58 cm
  • < li>Dim range: 10%-100%
  • Color temperature: 3500-6000K
  • Number of LEDs: 64pcs
  • Power supply: USB
  • Power supply: DC5V, 6-12W
  • Main material: aluminum alloy and ABS

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100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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Nationwide delivery