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Popsocket (popsocket) is a folding holder for any brand of mobile phone or tablet, making it easier to interact with the device without fear of dropping it. A new trend in the world of mobile accessories provides:

* safe grip when photographing;

* ease of writing messages with one hand;

* ease of reading books, watching TV shows;

* Comfortable use of headphones without tangling wires with the help of two special holders.

Convenient folding design of the popsocket allows you to carry your phone in your pocket. There is a magnetic mount for the car, which is installed in the climate system deflector, guaranteeing a secure fixation of the gadget. A variety of designs will emphasize the individual style of each owner.

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The Object Tracking Holder 360 is a portable smart tripod that makes it easier to capture a moving object from your phone. The universal, functional device will easily cope with the work of the operator at any event. Professional-quality video and photo materials can be achieved thanks to the ability to rotate the tripod 360 degrees and the ability to automatically track the selected object. Object Tracking Holder 360 allows you to shoot vertically and horizontally, including widescreen. By installing your smartphone in a secure mount with sliding latches, it is convenient to take group photos and selfies.

Using the APAI GENIE app, you can control the smart holder from a distance via Bluetooth. Support for Android and iOS ensures synchronization with almost all smartphones 56-100mm wide. Powered by a 3xAA battery (not included).


  • Season: All season
  • Size, cm: 16.5 x 9 x 9
  • Package weight, gr: 265
  • Color: White, Black
  • Width of supported phones: 5.6 - 10 cm
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries
  • Working time: 50 hours
  • Material : Plastic

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Digital microscope Digital Microscope Electronic Magnifier is an electronic portable device for studying the microscopic living world, coins, jewelry, microcircuits, etc. The device will be useful to medical students and biologists, collectors, jewelers , technicians and just curious people. The inquisitive mind of a child will benefit from the new useful information about the world around it obtained with its help. The kit includes a CD with software.

High-quality 500x magnification allows you to see beyond the normal eye, and adjustable LED backlight - better view the object under study in the lens. A clear enlarged detailed image will be displayed on the computer monitor. In addition, the microscope can take photos and videos in good resolution. The dynamic image sensor in combination with bright white LED lights helps to get the clearest picture of the object under examination. It is possible to save the image of the object under study in JPG format and video recording 640x480 30FPS in avi format with the zoom scale preserved in the recorded files. 

The device can be used anywhere: thanks to its small size, low weight, battery operation, you can take it with you.

Characteristics:< /b>
  • Type: electron microscope; 
  • Matrix: SONY; 
  • Magnification: up to 1000 times;  ;
  • Photo sensor: 1.3 m HD CMOS;  
  • Photo resolution: 2560x1920; 
  • Photo format: JEPG, BMP;  
  • Video resolution: 640x480; 
  • Video format: AVI;
  •  Frame rate: up to 30 fps; 
  • Focus adjustment: from 15 to 44 mm; 
  • Backlight: LED; 
  • Glow adjustment: yes; 
  • Power supply: USB port; 
  • Interface: USB1.1 ... USB3.0; 
  • Operating system: WIN, XP, VISTA, Mac; 
  • Case material: plastic; 
  • Stand material metal, plastic; 
  • Color: black; 
  • Size: 11х3 ,5x8 cm; 

Complete set: Digital Microscope Electronic Magnifier microscope, stand, calibration plate, software, instruction, box.

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Folding Bracket desktop phone holder - stand that allows you to fix the gadget horizontally or vertically in the right place. With the help of a simple and stylish accessory, you can protect your device from possible drops, improve the process of watching movies.

The device is made of durable ABS plastic and is characterized by reliable connections. There is a convenient tilt adjustment and anti-slip coating. The holder with a minimalistic design is available in black, white and turquoise. Universal model suitable for all 4-11 inch smartphones and tablets.


    • Type: desktop folding holder; 
    • Feature: for smartphone and tablet; 
    • Compatibility: with 4-11 inch gadgets; 
    • Material: ABS plastic; 
    • Tilt adjustment: yes; 
    • Anti-slip coating: yes; 
    • Color: black, white, turquoise; 
    • Dimensions: 8.8x15.6 cm; 
    • < li>Folded: 11x6.6x2.4x2.5 cm; 
    • Unfolded: 11x6.6x2.4x16 cm; 
    • Complete set: Folding Bracket holder, box.
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    Digital Microscope Electronic Magnifier with Wi-Fi is an electronic device with adjustable LED lighting, which is useful for various studies of the microworld at home. The device can be useful in the workshops of diversified specialists, such as watchmakers, jewelers, radio technicians, etc.

    The microscope is distinguished by its compact size and ease of use. Magnification of objects is possible in the range of 20-1600 times. The optics are made of high quality polymer glass. The unique device allows not only to conduct observations, but also to record them on photos and videos. Microscope with built-in adjustable illumination powered by USB. Small dimensions and light weight allow you to take the device with you to use it in the right place.


    • Type: electronic microscope; 
    • Magnification: 50-1000X; 
    • Adjustable lighting: LED; 
    • Number of LEDs: 8 pcs; 
    • Image sensor: CMOS; 
    • Viewing angle: 16°; 
    • Manual focus: 15 to 40 mm; 
    • Operating environment WiFi: for Android 5.0 and Ios 8.0 and above; 
    • Photo resolution: 640x480; 
    • Video format: AVI; 
    • < li>Shooting format: JEPG/BMP; 
    • Frame rate: 30 f/s; 
    • PC interface: USB 3.0/2.0/1.1; 
    • Power supply: USB-5V; 
    • System support: Win2000/2003/XP/Win7/Win8; 
    • Case material: plastic; 
    • Color: black; 
    • Dimensions: 145x100x50 mm; 
    • Weight: 200 g

    Contents: microscope, tripod, cable, calibration ruler, instructions

    Packing: box.

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    • Type: mobile device part
    • Type of part: display/touchscreen
    • Screen size: approx. 20.5*14.5*1.4 cm (8 inch)
    • Color: Black/White
    • Material: Fibreboard PC+Plexiglas
    • Applicable Mobile phone: 4.0-6.0 inch screen mobile phone
    • Features: high-definition screen: new curved surface mobile phone screen enhancer, high-definition zoom large screen, reduce radiation
    • < /ul>

      Package contents: phone screen amplifier 1 pc

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    Connector 1: Apple Lightning, USB Type-C, micro-USB 2.0 Type-B

    Number of output connectors: 3< /p>

    Interface version: USB 2.0

    Length, m: 1.2

    Product weight, g: 80

    Purpose: For smartphones, For devices Apple, For Android devices

    Conductor material: Copper

    Cable outer sheath: PVC (polyvinylchloride)

    Max. current, A: 5

    Fast charging standard: Fast Charge

    Type: Mobile device cable

    Color: Orange, Blue

    Number of cores: 4

    Units in one product: 1

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    Gimbal Stabilizer L08 wireless monopod with a built-in tripod will be useful for bloggers and fans of shooting footage in motion, making action videos. It is a tool with excellent ergonomics, made of high-quality durable materials using the latest scientific technologies, able to turn an ordinary smartphone into a professional photo or video camera for long-range and panoramic shooting.

    Function stabilizer allows you to get a stable picture: clear, without blurry and shaking frames. Advanced functionality and several operating modes, high-precision gyroscope, special sensors, brushless motor allow you to take high-quality pictures in a vertical and horizontal position. The Bluetooth button allows you to control shooting without touching your smartphone.
    The monopod is compatible with IOS and Android devices.


      • Product size: 68.5x39.5x190~860mm< /li>
      • Tripod length: up to 86cm
      • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
      • Bluetooth transmission distance: 10m
      • Battery: CR1632< /li>
      • Battery capacity: 450 mha
      • Phone size: 4.0-6.2 inches
      • Rotation angle: 360 degrees
      • Compatibility: iOS, Android
      • Material: plastic, metal

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