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Waterproof phone case is an opportunity to take video and photo during heavy rain, in the pool, when swimming in the sea, in the bath, without fear of dropping. Its tightness guarantees high-quality work of gadgets even when immersed to a depth of up to 2 meters. It is a reliable protection not only from water, but also from falls, scratches, bumps. The accessory is suitable for various phones due to the universal design in the form of a pouch, made of soft durable material with a transparent gel coating in place of the screen.

The model has output connector for headphones, so that you can listen to music in any conditions.

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LED COB Rechargeable Keychain Lighthas four working light modes. The device operates from a built-in battery, the charge of which is enough for 4 hours of operation. The battery is recharged using a USB cable.

The advantages of the device include a shock-resistant case, a high level of IP65 dust and moisture protection, the ability to use it as a portable and hanging lamp for camping, hunting, fishing, as a street spotlight, etc. The design provides bottle opener and hook for hanging.

A powerful portable flashlight will provide lighting in nature and in any emergency. It can be installed horizontally - a corresponding element located at the back is provided for this.


  • Type: LED lamp; 
  • Feature: COB panel; 
  • Power supply: COB LEDs; 
  • Number of modes: 4 (near, far, combined and stroboscope);  
  • Power: 5 W; 
  • Power: built-in battery; 
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh; 
  • < li>Working time: up to 4 hours; 
  • Case: shockproof; 
  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP65; 
  • Dimensions: 60x40x25 mm;  
  • Box dimensions: 95x55x27 mm; 
  • Weight: 65 g; 

Complete set: COB Rechargeable Keychain Light, USB cable, manual; 

Packing: carton.

See how it works:

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The ETM 1.0 training mask is needed to make your training more effective by simulating mountain sports. The design is based on a civilian Israeli gas mask. Neoprene and rubber were used in the creation. The mask is attached to the face thanks to a neoprene tape. Clinical studies were carried out at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada before the product was released to the market. This happens thanks to a multi-level valve system. The result is an increase in lung volume and deeper breaths, the body learns to use the oxygen in the inhaled air more efficiently.

When the lungs are stretched, the area of \u200b\u200bthe alveoli (the site of gas exchange in the lungs) increases. Their increase improves the flow of blood containing oxygen. Proper use of the mask leads to an increase in oxygen levels throughout the body, increases overall endurance, improves sleep quality and digestion. The use of a mask is useful for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of a person, speeding up thought processes and improving concentration.

Why ETM 1.0 mask? Because it:
  • increases lung capacity;
  •  increases anaerobic threshold (cardiac and pulmonary endurance);
  •  increases the efficiency of the body's use of oxygen;
  •  increases energy production;
  •  increases the level of brain and physical endurance;
  •  helps improve concentration.

Size :  S (up to 68 kg)   M (68-110 kg)   L (over 110 kg)

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  • Seasonality: All-weather
  • Package weight, g: 100
  • Material: Polyester

Complete set:
  • Knee pad 1 pcs

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100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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