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A hand warmer is a godsend for those who don't like to be cold. When even very warm mittens do not save, the latest achievements of science and progress come to the rescue. A simple device will help warm not only hands, feet, gloves, shoes, mittens, but also a smartphone. If you put a heating pad in a pocket next to the phone in severe frost, the battery will not die from low temperature. Such a heater is especially useful for:

* people working in difficult climatic conditions and spending a lot of time outdoors;

* for winter sports enthusiasts;

* for travelers;< /span>

* fond of winter fishing, hunting;

< span>* suffering from impaired arterial blood supply to the upper and lower extremities, as a result of which they are constantly cold.


  • Heater size - 10.2*2.5 cm
  • Weight 135 gr
  • Built-in battery - 5000 mAh
  • Charged via cable
  • Complete set - heating pad, cable, cord , cover, English-Chinese instruction.
  • Colors - black, gold, pink
  • Made in China

Works 3-4 hours in heating mode.

How to turn on the heating mode:

Press and hold the button on the front of the device for 3 seconds to turn on the heating mode (three red LEDs will light up)

Next, with one click of a button, you can change modes:

3 LEDs - high mode (50 degrees)

2 LEDs - medium mode (42 degrees)

1 LED - weak (39 degrees)

Pressing 2 times - turning off the heating.

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The Revoflex Xtreme simulator will help you quickly become the owner of a toned figure. Thanks to the original design, it is able to replace more expensive professional fitness equipment. The multifunctional device makes it possible to perform about 40 different exercises for the muscles of the whole body. Six levels of training are designed for beginners and professional athletes.

Thanks to this simple device, you can, with minimal effort and use of time:

* improve shape reliefs;

* strengthen muscles;

* make your appearance more attractive.

Compact size trainer fits easily in a small bag. Its important advantages also include affordable cost and the possibility of independent use without the involvement of a fitness trainer.

Characteristics :

  • Dimensions: 13 x 41 x 15 cm.
  • Weight: 900g


  • Revoflex Xtreme.
  • Instruction.< /span>


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The Tuban foldable compact backpack is designed for lovers of outdoor activities and country walks. Convenient on the road, has a number of advantages. Ultra-light, weighs less than 100 g. Ultra-compact - if desired, folds into a special pocket, so that the backpack can be taken with you as a spare and used if necessary (when shopping for groceries, as an alternative to large hiking equipment, etc.). 

The backpack is made of modern durable Oxford material. Resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion, hooks, unpretentious care, effective. Bright coloring will not fade over time under the influence of the sun and rains, the product will last a very long time. In terms of price and quality, a backpack made of Oxford material is significantly superior to its counterparts.

Characteristics: /b>
  • Material: Oxford
  • Volume: 18 liters
  • Size: 40 * 28 * 10 cm
  • Size package: 12 * 12 * 3 cm 
  • Pack weight: 94 g
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100% quality guarantee
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